Frequently Asked Questions
Where is practice?
With 50+ teams they practice all over the valley on different days. This question is impossible to answer until after registration deadline and we start creating teams. We do our best to find teams that practice in your area so be sure to put your zip code within the registration.
When will I hear from my child's coach?
We try to create teams as sign ups come in but sometimes it is impossible to do so for every child based on zip code. At the very latest you will hear is one week after the registration deadline.
When does the season end?
When does the season end? Fall 2021 season will end in November just before Thanksgiving.
Are there multiple child discounts?
We have NO multi-child discounts as we already run a low cost registration for all.
Do you have a Scholarship Program?
We do have a scholarship program. There is a scholarship link in the menu to register for a scholarship
Can I volunteer to pay for registration?
We do have a volunteer program in place that can offset costs. We have concessions at T-Mobile events and Allegiant Stadium and by volunteering at these events you can cover all or a portion of the required costs. For more information about this program, email to:
How can I become a coach?
We will want you to be involved in the pre-season camp for evaluation along with other requirements. Coaches child is FREE registration. If interested in being a coach, email:
What are the Covid-19 safety protocols?
We pride ourselves on the safety of our league as a whole and during this pandemic has been no different. Our league was recognized as a staple of how to return to play safely and we will continue to follow above and beyond any protocols the state requires.